SPARK® EMS is a feature rich managed service wrapper that encompasses both top grade hardware and a managed service to support our customers and end users. WiFi SPARK is committed to providing a quality service to customers and this comprehensive package helps deliver this.

SPARK® EMS uses best of breed wireless infrastructure hardware from leading manufacturers and supports the latest 802.11n wireless technology. WiFi SPARK will also provide a detailed full wireless survey.

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The SPARK Enhanced Managed Service (EMS) is just that. We manage the service for you allowing you and your staff to manage your business.

The SPARK Gateway

Our unique SPARK® Gateway provides bandwidth and traffic shaping to help ensure a fair distribution of the speed to each device that connects to the WiFi. As well as this, the Gateway also supports high speed Internet feeds such as Fibre or the option to bond multiple Internet lines together.

Wireless Coverage

WiFi SPARK's trained engineers will undertake an Ekahau wireless survey to determine the precise coverage and number of access points required for your venue. We will provide a detailed report both before and after installation which will include heat maps, interference and neighbouring access points.

Wireless Infrastructure

Each access point WiFi SPARK installs benefits from twin radio antennas as well as support for the latest 802.11AC technology. There will also be a single SSID (Wireless Name) broadcasting allowing devices to roam freely throughout the venue without the need to disconnect and search for the strongest wireless signal when moving around.

In addition to this, we can also setup your business’s own personal Encrypted SSID specifically for staff and management to use. This adds an additional level of security to your network by segregating guest devices from your company network as well as provide your computers and wireless devices the benefits of seamless roaming and direct Internet access.

Secure and Compliant

WiFi SPARK is a proud member of the ‘Friendly WiFi’ scheme introduced by the Government in July this year, which again gives the end user assurance that they are protected when they log in to one of our systems; especially important where children may be using the Internet. The sharing of copyrighted materials is not only illegal but can also impact a network’s performance thus we ensure that all SPARK® EMS sites provide filtered access. Filtering levels can be adjusted to suite your specific requirements.

As well as provide filtered Internet access, it is also important that businesses take the necessary steps to collect device and user data. Should you have a user attempt to access sites that are illegal, or someone attempts to use your network for illegal purposes, you may be called upon by the authorities to provide data. This service is provided by WiFi SPARK at the Gateway level and we will work with the authorities on your behalf to provide the details required.




  • 250 concurrent users
  • 1U Form Factor
  • Full compliance to legal requirements
  • -



  • 500 concurrent users
  • Micro Server Form Factor
  • Full compliance to legal requirements
  • Load balancing



  • 2000 concurrent users
  • 1U Form Factor
  • Full compliance to legal requirements
  • Load balancing



  • 5000 or 50,000 clustered users
  • 1U or 2U Form Factor
  • Full compliance to legal requirements
  • Load balancing

SPARK® VM Series


  • up to 50,000 clustered users
  • Virtual Form Factor
  • Full compliance to legal requirements
  • Load balancing


Guest WiFi is about more than just providing Internet access, it is an opportunity for your visitors to engage with your brand. WiFi SPARK's offering offers an unparalleled list of features that is constantly evolving. We will customise the WiFi experience to suit your exact requirements.

Our service can be offered for free, chargeable or even both. Let's take you through some of the key features of the SPARK Platform.



The User Experience

The User Experience is the first page your clients will see when connecting to your WiFi. We believe WiFi is more than about just supplying Internet to your clients. It is an opportunity for them to engage with your brand and have access to information about what your organisation offers at their finger tips. This is why we call it the User Experience.


Content Filtering

WiFi SPARK applies a content filtering system called SPARK Smokescreen to prevent certain categories of web content being available and also help protect users from malicious sites. These filters can be applied at two levels:

  • DNS Level
  • Proxy level (additional cost applies)

The filter level is up to the venue to decide. We will deal with all unblock requests and updates as part of WiFi SPARK's fully managed service.



Bandwidth Management

SPARK's highly sophisticated bandwidth control module can control each user or device ensuring that your clients get the bandwidth necessary.




WiFi Analytics

SPARK WASP (Web Analytics & Statistics Package), is a powerful tool for providing reports and live statistics about visitors connecting to your WiFi service. This innovative and easy to use package provides an invaluable insight in to users trends and the type of devices connecting to the service.



Social WiFi

WiFi SPARK's new revolutionary Social Login feature allows your guests to easily login to the WiFi through their social login details.





WiFi Marketing

Unlike many of our competitors and carriers, the data that you collect through the SPARK system about your visitors is yours. You can use the data intelligently to benefit both your business and also keep your potential clients up to date with tailored messaging and information.


Compliant WiFi

WiFi SPARK's solution is fully compliant giving you peace of mind, as well as collecting the usage data required by European legislation.