SPARK® Mobility Services Manager (MSM) is a highly scalable WiFi management platform. This fully featured package is everything you need to run your own managed Enterprise network. With either a virtualised or physical platform, this high availability architecture is built for operators as well as large Enterprise networks.

SPARK® MSM is a multi-tenancy capable platform providing highly configurable user management across multiple locations as well as support for delivering unique User Experiences across multiple VLANs and SSIDs.

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WiFi SPARK's SPARK® MSM is the market leading software platform for the management and control of large scale Enterprise or Operator WiFi networks. Written and supported by WiFi SPARK, the leading WiFi service provider, SPARK® MSM gives you the freedom to deploy WiFi servces with your choice of feature set, authentication, payment models and reporting, fully integrated into your data centre environment for total and dedicated control .

So why SPARK® MSM?

SPARK® MSM offers complete freedom of configuration, on your own dedicated SPARK® MSM platform. In today's industries, data security is of paramount importance. Hosting SPARK® MSM offers your customers the reassurance that you are providing a secure and dedicated platform as part of your (or your Customer's) infrastructure. With SPARK® MSM you are in complete control of User Experiences, Data Collection and Content Push, together with all other aspects of a fully featured WiFi Management service. SPARK® MSM is proven in the field with over a decade of service provider heritage.




  • Dedicated hardware
  • High performance
  • Class leading Hardware from HP or Dell
  • 6-24 Core
  • 16-128GB RAM
  • Up to 2TB SSD
  • RAID 10
  • Dual/ redundant Power
  • Dual 10Gb LAN/WAN Ports
  • SNMP Managed



  • No hardware
  • Re-use existing resource
  • Simple deployment
  • Eco-friendly
  • Supports VMWare, Xencenter, Hyper V
  • SNMP Managed
  • Snapshot capability
  • Off Site replication
  • Specification only limited to host environment


Your owned and operated SPARK MSM Platform provides the following key features:


The User Experience

The User Experience is the first page your clients will see when connecting to your WiFi. We believe WiFi is more than about just supplying Internet to your clients. It is an opportunity for them to engage with your brand and have access to information about what your organisation offers at their finger tips. This is why we call it the User Experience.



Bandwidth Management

SPARK's highly sophisticated bandwidth control module can control each user or device ensuring that your clients get the bandwidth necessary.




WiFi Analytics

SPARK WASP (Web Analytics & Statistics Package), is a powerful tool for providing reports and live statistics about visitors connecting to your WiFi service. This innovative and easy to use package provides an invaluable insight in to users trends and the type of devices connecting to the service.



Social WiFi

WiFi SPARK's new revolutionary Social Login feature allows your guests to easily login to the WiFi through their social login details.





WiFi Marketing

Unlike many of our competitors and carriers, the data that you collect through the SPARK system about your visitors is yours. You can use the data intelligently to benefit both your business and also keep your potential clients up to date with tailored messaging and information.


Compliant WiFi

WiFi SPARK's solution is fully compliant giving you peace of mind, as well as collecting the usage data required by European legislation.