2020 Global Digital Health 100 Recognises WiFi SPARK as an Innovation Leader in Health Technology

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Top Innovations revealed as International Heath Technology Publication The Journal of mHealth announces their latest Global Digital Health 100


London, 28th January 2020: The Journal of mHealth has today announced their annual Global Digital Health 100 recognising the most innovative health technology companies from around the world.


Now in its sixth year, the annual Global Digital Health 100 is one of the HealthTech industry’s foremost technology award programmes, celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship. It recognises and supports health technology companies that are demonstrating the greatest potential to change the way that healthcare is delivered.


The Global Digital Health 100 had this to say about WiFi SPARK:


WiFi SPARK is using innovative technology to effectively address persistent problems the NHS faces, and is bringing the patient experience into the 21st century.


Alongside delivering WiFi into 82 NHS trusts across the UK, WiFi SPARK is also addressing challenges related to TV services, food wastage and staff efficiency with its SPARK® Media platform. SPARK® Media can eliminate the high costs of TV seen in hospitals today; use meal ordering services to drive savings, cut food wastage and enable staff to spend more time on patient care; as well as offer clinical access to healthcare staff to improve staff efficiency.


Explore the full 2020 Global Digital Health 100 at thejournalofmhealth.com/digital/health/100/  


Recognising Innovation and Emerging Technologies in Healthcare


Providing valuable insight on emerging technology trends from across the healthcare continuum, the Global Digital Health 100 has consistently identified early-stage solution providers that have gone on to become some of the world’s most successful health technology companies, including: Babylon Health, SilverCloud Health, One Medical, and Butterfly Network - making it an essential resource for industry professionals and investors alike.


The diversity of this year’s list stands out immediately, with new entrants from all sides of the technology spectrum, targeting just about every corner of healthcare. The honouree companies offer technologies across a range of categories including; clinical solutions, wearable technologies, healthcare applications, medical devices, virtual reality and data analytics. These are all solutions and services that are transforming, or have the potential to transform, and disrupt the way in which healthcare is delivered.


Emerging Trends in Health Technology


One of biggest trends from this year’s 100 is the growing adoption of data-led services across nearly all facets of healthcare. From automating critical, but repetitive, tasks for clinicians to speeding up disease diagnosis, the growing application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques across healthcare represents a maturing industry. Increasingly, these technologies are seen as go-to tools for supporting care provision and for automating common and high value administrative functions such as patient scheduling and clinician record transcription.


Digital Therapeutics also feature heavily in this year’s list, as the impact of these solutions start to be truly realised. Scalable programmes across many different disease classes such as mental health and diabetes are delivering results for patients that are comparable to, or exceed, their pharmacological counterparts, providing a viable and effective treatment alternative.  


Commenting on the announcement Matthew Driver, Editor-in-Chief at The Journal of mHealth, said: “The Global Digital Health 100 recognises and celebrates the companies and technology leaders within the industry that are raising the bar and shaping the future of healthcare delivery.  We are proud to support the growth and success of this thriving technology industry which is being led by the honourees of these awards.”


“As a leading publication in Europe and North America The Journal of mHealth gains a unique perspective from our relationship with emerging health technology markets around the World. This enables us to bring one of the most comprehensive lists of technology providers who are representative of the latest technology trends from across the healthcare industry.”


Identifying the 100


The Global Digital Health 100 represents months of analysis by the editorial and advisory team at The Journal of mHealth, who considered the offerings and innovations from companies across the HealthTech ecosystem.


The judging criteria analysed 10 different quantitative and qualitative evaluation metrics including: disruptive impact; proof of concept; technology innovation; social value; effectiveness; execution of

strategy; and, industry integration. The selected 100 companies demonstrate true innovation and the opportunity to disrupt the delivery of healthcare at scale. The selection criteria ensure that companies are considered truly upon innovation, allowing start-up offerings to be compared alongside established and larger organisations.


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View the full 2020 Global Digital Health 100 Award List 



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