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Analytics in Retail: How SPARK® Sense Can Provide Rich Insights

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Retailers can innovate and earn a much-needed boost by taking advantage of the analytics and hard data that’s gathered each and every day. The industry doesn’t sit still for long and rich insights allow us to make better-informed decisions, increase customer satisfaction and continuously optimise our offering.


Understanding the movements, dwell time, footfall and device statistics of customers or passers-by in single or multiple locations is just the start. Here’s how insights can be advantageous for retail and a solution that presents it in an actionable way.


  • What Are the Benefits of Rich Insights in Retail? 
  • Unmatched Insight With the Help of SPARK® Sense


What Are the Benefits of Rich Insights in Retail? 


benefits of rich insights


A huge 45% of retail companies are currently using WiFi location analysis. They’re already reaping the benefits of tracking their customers’ behaviour and can bolster their customer engagement levels as a result. This tactic is most effective in the retail industry where customer experience is massively influential. 


Today’s customers are more empowered and connected than ever before. Historically, customer information had been limited to demographic data collected during sales transactions. Better insight into customer behaviours and preferences can help you improve your offerings and further boost customer satisfaction (and loyalty). 


This information can shape future marketing campaigns and infrastructure improvements to ensure your stores are frequented by shoppers.  


It might be challenging to truly get the most out of your data-centric efforts because you aren’t using the right tools. On the other hand, maybe you already have tools in place but they don’t communicate with each other. This means you have all this great insight but in separate dashboards and screens instead of one holistic platform. 


Becoming more data-centric is unquestionably the key to achieving retail success. WiFi networks that integrate seamlessly with other elements of your business allow you to have all this data in one place, on one platform. Enter SPARK® Sense. 


Unmatched Insight With the Help of SPARK® Sense

Retail WiFi - Shopping centre wifi with spark sense


What if all the benefits of data from shoppers could be presented to you in an accessible, easy-to-use platform in real-time? SPARK® Sense delivers that information in one easy to understand dashboard, designed with your retail operation in mind.. Think of it as a new dimension of vision in your stores..

Using advanced algorithms to determine if that shopper is a passerby or flicking through your sale rail. The best part? There’s no need for a WiFi connection needed to get this data. 


SPARK® Sense is the perfect WiFi Infrastructure companion. Available as either software only or a discrete device that sits alongside your existing WiFi network to sense WiFi-enabled devices. With data integrity taken seriously and processes data in line with GDPR, you can rest assured that security is prioritised. 


Matt O’Donovan, CEO of WiFi SPARK, previously said regarding the platform: “WiFi SPARK offers a varied and comprehensive analytics service with the aim of enabling businesses to accurately analyse data that ultimately leads to more insightful decision-making. It's all about data driven decisions.


“A deep understanding of customer behaviour is incredibly valuable and can give businesses a competitive edge in the global market that can lead to increased business revenue. 


“All of this can be achieved through non-invasive methods that provide robust and valuable insights, which can make a real difference to an organisation’s customer experience strategy.”


It’s only improved since then. Here are the three different ways you can deploy SPARK® Sense and harness the data.


Use your existing WiFi infrastructure to detect wireless devices and provide reports via our platform. Requires a supported access point vendor.



Most suited for retailers, it does not require an existing WiFi infrastructure and is able to detect wireless devices and provide reports via our Dashboard platform. 


Although it’s evident this technology is perfect for the retail environment, it can provide equal value for the healthcare, events and transport sectors.  


  • Healthcare can take advantage of dwell times to better organise staffing, reallocating the workforce to where they’re needed most and potentially save costs. 
  • Conferences and events can leverage data regarding the way delegates navigate a venue. Backed by evidence, it’s easier to adjust pricing to vendors that reflect highly congested or popular areas.
  • Transport is set to innovate with this technology, especially with a mostly ticketless future closer than we think.


Set against a backdrop of uncertainty in the retail space, it’s clear more and more retailers can benefit from more detailed analytics. A staggering 74% of businesses say they want to be data-driven, but only 29% are successful at connecting analytics to action. WiFi SPARK provides analytics tools like no other.


Whether it’s helping retain loyal customers, boosting customer engagement and ultimately increasing revenue, we’ve got it covered.


Ready to Better Understand Your Customers? 

From genuine understanding of your shoppers comes commercial opportunity. SPARK® Sense paired with the analytic functionality of our platform helps you form a complete customer profile, giving you a more granular view of how they move, behave and shop.


Further add on services are available to help aid how you customise the WiFi SPARK offering. On top of sending real-time data to your CRM or tracking dwell time on devices, you can reap the benefits of custom data feeds, device mapping and bespoke services that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Learn more about the advantages you can unlock with SPARK® Analytics today.



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