Five Hottest Companies at HETT 2019

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One of our favourite parts of any trade show is seeing what other innovative tech companies are delivering in the industry. Here is a run-down of our top 5:


Nominated by Claire Bradley- Marketing Manager for WiFi SPARK: Health & Care videos


Health & Care Videos is an organisation that has grown through developing a library of educative video content for NHS Trusts that helps them to give approved advice and information to patients during their healthcare journey. Their Director of Marketing and Business Development, Ellen Jenkins said ‘we help Trusts to empower patients and to educate them, and that has been incredibly well-received here at HETT, where everyone is talking about enabling patients to feel more knowledgeable and engaged with their healthcare journey, and how to do that digitally.’ Ellen continued, ‘we have had a lot of interest in our video library as it is ready-made. Trusts can take the video library and immediately start using it as part of their offering to patients.’


 Nominated by Steve Killick, Product Manager for WiFi SPARK: UK Cloud


Steve says that UK Cloud was a stand-out for him at HETT. He met Cleveland Henry, Director of Cloud, who explained how they are helping Trusts to manage their computing power. He gave the example of University trusts who want to do big number crunching and analytics – they can use the UK Cloud platform to expand their computing power to manage large volumes of data when it is needed but then can shrink back to the size they require. This enables Trusts to have a cost-effective way to access server horsepower.


Nominated by Dean Moody, Chief Commercial Officer for WiFi SPARK: Datasym


Dean said ‘I was delighted to spend time with Elliott Perry, Account Manager for Datasym on our stand, and to see their solution in action, it really excites me to imagine the cost and efficiency savings a hospital will get from taking the Datasym meal ordering solution, integrated with SPARK® Media. Datasym offers meal ordering software that, when integrated with SPARK® Media, enables patients to order their lunch and dinner on their own device. The patients can see the ingredients and choose a meal size that suits their appetite to reduce the risk of food waste or disappointment. It also allows the NHS staff to ensure that the patients are only shown food that is suitable for them and to monitor who has ordered and ensure that that element of the day runs smoothly and efficiently. Dean said ‘it is going to be a real game-changer for hospitals and both the patients and the staff will immediately see the benefits.’


Nominated by Steve Killick, Product Manager for WiFi SPARK: Ascom


Ascom provides, among other things, communications systems in the healthcare industry. They support patient and clinical care and help hospitals to address the rigorous demands in the hospital environment. Steve said ‘we have worked with Ascom to enable their services to be available through the SPARK® Media solution. When I spent time in hospital, as a patient, I didn’t feel comfortable calling the nursing staff when I wanted something basic like a glass of water, I felt that they were too busy doing other things and I didn’t want to interrupt them. With the Ascom service integrated with SPARK® Media, a patient will be able to make service requests for a glass of water or a pillow directly to the department that can fulfil that, without having to bother the nursing staff. Tim Painter Healthcare Sales Consultant at Ascom said ‘Ascom UK and our partner WiFi SPARK help nursing teams work smarter and dedicate more time for care.’


Nominated by Ian Spark, Head of Healthcare for WiFi SPARK: Imprivata


The team from Imprivata was exhibiting on the stand next to WiFi SPARK at HETT, which meant we were able to get a great insight into their full solution. Imprivata enables healthcare securely by establishing trust between people, technology, and information. We are really excited about their  OneSign® solution which enables staff to access different apps and data files without having to repeatedly enter their details to multiple systems. Ian said ‘we are excited about the possibility of integrating Imprivata’s  OneSign® solution with SPARK® Media to enable the patient entertainment media table to double as a clinical display unit for clinical information like patient records and test results. This would be an effective way to demonstrate results to patients and efficient way for Trusts to have equipment like the media tables that have multiple uses.’


Undoubtedly there were many more innovative suppliers at HETT but we simply couldn’t get around all of them. If you would like to find out more about how SPARK® Media is revolutionising patient engagement in hospitals in the UK, download our SPARK® Media brochure.


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