Five Hottest Companies at HETT 2021

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HETT has moved online this year but that doesn’t mean we aren’t as excited as ever to engage with other innovative health and tech companies and discuss the progression of an industry that is now, more than ever, at the forefront of everyone’s minds. 


Here’s our top 5 picks to catch at next week’s conference:


Nominated by Steve Killick, Product Manager for WiFi SPARK: Ascom


Steve notes, ‘Ascom are providing the next generation of unified comms for the healthcare sector with their Myco device. Not only replacing the traditional pager, but providing a multi-functional tool to improve communications with patients and colleagues. Every nurse and doctor would benefit from the Ascom Myco device, it truly is a swiss army knife for the Healthcare sector. 


I highly recommend you listen to their talk during HETT and visit their virtual stand. They’re a friendly, professional and helpful team’.


Nominated by Martyn Gibson, Northern Healthcare Sales Manager for WiFi SPARK: NHSX


Martyn commented that he was really looking forward to hearing what Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX has to say about the digital healthcare transformation. 


NHSX is a new body established to ensure patients and staff have the technology they need. Gould has noted that his priorities are to ‘reduce the burden on clinicians, to put services and information into the hands of citizens, and to ensure that clinicians can safely access patient data from wherever they are in the system’. 


Gould was previously the Government’s Director General for Digital and Media policy and prior to that the British Ambassador to Israel. Whilst Ambassador, he set up the UK-Israel Tech Hub.


Matthew Gould will be having a fireside chat with Lisa Emery, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust’s Chief Information Officer, on the 9th February at 9:00am.


Nominated by Steve Killick, Product Manager for WiFi SPARK: Visionable  


Steve said ‘Visionable are well worth a visit, they have some excellent video consultation solutions, enabling really simple and straightforward video scheduling and calling for the patient. 


I’ve been so impressed with how the Visionable platform works, also having personally worked with the team there; they are a great bunch! Very focused and passionate on providing an excellent solution, with a mind on patients who may not be familiar with video calling platforms. 


Visionable users can use this service via a link in an SMS message or email and boom they are in a video call. No registration, no app to download and setup. 


WiFi SPARK  works with Visionable to deliver a family connect solution, enabling patients to video call family and friends via  SPARK® Media. This has enabled thousands of video calls to loved ones during the Covid Lockdown’.


Nominated by Francesca McPhail, Healthcare Sales Manager for WiFi SPARK: NHS England and Improvement


Francesca remarked that ‘at WiFi SPARK we aim to provide solutions based on real problems being experienced in healthcare, Dr Minal Bakhai’s dedication to ‘harnessing the power of technology to support the delivery of vibrant, high quality, sustainable general practice’ resonates with our company ethos. Dr Bakhai strives to ensure that the implementation of digital tools in healthcare meet the challenges of the population, her insight into the challenges healthcare is currently facing will be fascinating and informative.’ 


Dr Bakhai is the Deputy Director and National Clinical Lead for Digital First Primary Care at NHS England and NHS Improvement. She is a practicing GP and has been working at an inner-city London practice for almost a decade. 


Dr Bakhai is speaking on the 10th February at 11:00am amongst a panel commenting on Local Interoperability and Innovation in Primary and Social Care.


Nominated by Steve Killick, Product Manager for WiFi SPARK: TeleTracking


Finally, Steve recommends, ‘Providing a one-stop command centre view of your hospital and patients, I think TeleTracking are one of the most exciting companies at HETT. They get involved with so many facets of hospital management and patient experience. By improving hospital efficiencies and providing a birds eye view of your patient flow, the TeleTracking solution provides an intuitive view into the status and movement of every patient, bed and room. 


I highly recommend you listen to their Lead Nurse, Stephen Boyle discuss the TeleTracking solution on the 8th February at 11:35am’.



Reducing our list to just five was a struggle, but one of the benefits of online conferencing is a catalogue of content all just a click away for up-to a month after the conference has finished. 

If you’d like to find out more about the work we do or find a solution that fits your business, visit our virtual HETT stand from 8-12th February. 


If you’re interested to hear more from Steve, he and Matt O’Donovan will be having a Fireside Chat at 10:30am on 12th February.



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