HETT: Day One Wrap Up

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Day one of HETT (Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology) kicked off with a bang. Starting with talks from Sarah Wilkinson the CEO at NHS Digital and Matthew Gould, CEO for NHSX the topics covered the future of health technology in England and the role of the new NHSX function. There was standing room only and these provided a great start to a busy day that was packed with fantastic talks in the many theatres around the HETT show.


HETT kick off


The hot topics of conversation around HETT today were:


  • The conflict between ‘the ideal’ and reality
  • People before technology
  • Not tech for tech’s sake!
  • The challenge for suppliers

The conflict between the ‘ideal’ and reality. 

Tracey Watson, CIO from the Northern Care Alliance spoke in the Digital Maturity Forum and described her experience moving from the central body NHS Digital to an NHS Trust as an eyeopener. She explained that her role at NHS Digital had worked with policies and ideal scenarios, whereas entering the Northern Care Alliance she had discovered that there was no EPR and disparate systems sitting across legacy outdated systems. Instead of asking her for the latest technology and digital solutions, her clinicians are requesting systems that don’t crash, and the ability to log on more quickly. This is the reality of the NHS Trusts around the UK, and it is vital to focus on solutions that solve problems in hospitals right now.


People before technology

What about the people? Rachel Dunscombe, CEO for the NHS Digital Academy spoke about the importance of putting people ahead of technology. She stated that only 22% of the success of implementing a new digital solution is down to the technology and 60% is down to the people who are making it happen, the clinicians and patients. She challenged the audience to remember the importance of people when implementing new systems and to build business cases accordingly, ensuring that resource is secured for training and change management, as well as for the new technology.


Not tech for tech’s sake!

Susannah Robinson, a consultant for the World Health Organisation made one thing abundantly clear when she spoke in the Digitally Empowered Patients theatre on the topic of ‘The WHO Guideline Recommendations on Digital Health: 9 foundational Interventions. She explained that digital technology is not the objective, it is the solution. She said that technology needs to be the correct solution to challenges that are being faced, rather than implemented because there is a belief that technology is always the answer. You can read more about the WHO guideline recommendations here.


The challenge to suppliers

In the complex world of an NHS Trust, systems that standalone or don’t work with other related systems create problems within a Trust. Several of the speakers challenged the suppliers in the Healthcare industry to improve their approach to introducing new technology to the NHS. Suppliers need to be responsible for ensuring that their systems will be interoperable with existing ones and to be able to


Day Two promises to be just as good, if not better than Day One. Steve Killick, WiFi SPARK’s guru Product Manager is speaking in the Digitally Empowered Patients theatre on the topic ‘How to solve your patient engagement puzzle’. We are looking forward to visiting some of our friends tomorrow including Health & Care Videos on stand G74a, Ascom on stand F32 and spending some more time with Imprivata on stand C40.

WiFi SPARK is at HETT showcasing SPARK® Media, the future of patient entertainment. SPARK® Media offers TV, radio, games, magazines and newspapers digitally, to the patient’s own device. Delivered via the SPARK® Platform, SPARK® Media can integrate with other digital services including patient check-in, wayfinding and meal ordering. Our partners Datasym  the catering software specialists are on our stand with us and can demonstrate how they have integrated with SPARK® Media to make life easier for NHS staff and patients.


Visit us on stand C38 to see how we can help you to revolutionise patient engagement in your hospital.


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