HETT: Day Two Wrap Up

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Hundreds of presentations and panel sessions, thousands of visitors and countless business interactions and insights shared, HETT (Healthcare Excellence Through Technology) in London ExCel this week was the home of some of the brightest minds in the industry.


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Interesting Insights from Day 2 included:


  • Panels or Presentations?
  • Technology and the speed of adoption
  • How to achieve digital transformation
  • Trust and Trustworthiness


Panels or Presentations?

The CIO of a leading healthcare organisation said to us on the morning of Day Two, ‘I am finding that the Supplier presentations are more useful to me than the Panels. The panels have people from hospitals discussing problems and agreeing how hard it is, but they don’t always have solutions yet. Supplier presentations are more useful, they are presenting how they spotted a problem, created a solution and implemented it, that is what I want to see.’


It would appear many agreed with that sentiment because our Product Manager Steve Killick presented to a packed theatre with an audience that were keen to hear his presentation ‘How to solve your patient engagement puzzle.’


Technology and speed of adoption

Other stand-out speakers during the day included Reid Oakes from HP inc, presenting on the topic of ‘Assisting digital maturity through technology’. He raced through a content-packed presentation including fascinating stats about the speed of adoption of new technology and how that is increasing exponentially. While the telephone took 75 years to achieve ‘truly adopted status (reach of 50 million people), Facebook took 3.5 years and Pokemon Go only 19 days. Reid guided the audience through megatrends that the healthcare industry needs to take note of including rapid urbanisation, changing demographics and accelerated innovation. A key takeaway from this presentation was the need to iterate much faster.


How to achieve digital transformation 

Polly Bishop, Director of Digital Experience at NHSX spoke in the Digitally Empowered Patients theatre on the topic of ‘Collaborating to empower people’. The objective of NHSX is to empower people to manage their health and care by improving health and care outcomes and experience. They also want to support system efficiencies reducing pressure and making good use of taxpayers’ money. Polly outlined key successes that the NHS has delivered in this in the last few years including one that we at WiFi SPARK are very proud of, nearly 100% implementation of NHS Free WiFi.


Polly said that collaboration is the key to successful digital transformation- collaboration in all parts of a project from strategy, ecosystem, product development, delivery, integration and adoption. Mass adoption is crucial for digital transformation to be realised. She said ‘This is not a case of ‘build it and they will come’. To get mass uptake they need to be integrated into local pathways.


She outlined a project that has seen great success since its implementation, and that is the introduction of digitising the maternity health notes for pregnant women. Polly outlined the situation: pregnant women want to engage with their health and it is often the first time they have engaged with the health service in their adult life. They’re digital natives and are baffled when presented with the analogue approach to maternity care during pregnancy. Where it was offered, in a short space of time they achieved a 60% take-up of the digital services and the feedback shows that digital technology can be transformative. All stakeholders were reporting positive outcomes. Women were reporting ‘I like to read the information recorded about me’ and ‘I can take ownership’. Midwives reported ‘massively reduced amount of paperwork and admin of dual recording’ and ‘legibility of notes’. Through her presentation, Polly demonstrated that digital technology could be transformative when it offered a better solution than analogue and where it was taken up by a majority of users.


Trust and Trustworthiness:

Wrapping up the day in the Digitally Empowered Patients theatre, Victoria Betton, Managing Director of mHabitat lead a panel discussion on ‘Patient Trust- the key to better health outcomes?’. On the panel were:

  • Sheldon Steed, Founder of MumoActive, developer of the mumoactive app that helps diabetes patients to track and manage their health data in one app.
  • Dr Janak Gunatilleke, COO of Mind Wave, developer of the Healthlocker solution that enables Trusts to bring together service users, carers, clinicians and researchers to improve the transparency of care
  • Jeni Tennison, CEO of the Open Data Institute, who work with the government to make an open and trustworthy data ecosystem.

The panel discussed data trust and trustworthiness and agreed that trust in data can vary depending on people’s experience and what they have seen, there was a downturn in people’s willingness to share data after the news stories about Facebook in recent years. If people don’t trust that their data is being used securely, then they are unwilling to give permission for it to be used and in turn, this means that the insights drawn from that data aren’t robust. Janak outlined neatly the three important areas:

  • Transparency- why the data is needed and what it will be used for
  •  Compliance- is the data being handled in a way that complies with regulations like GDPR
  •  Security- is the data being kept securely and are controls in place to ensure they are secure

Jeni stated that people feel more comfortable with giving their data if they feel that they will benefit from the outcome of sharing it and also if they are engaged with the reasons it is being requested.

The panel all agreed that trust is key in maximising the use of people’s data and that trust (and distrust) are contagious. It is vital to follow protocols in data collection and communicate effectively with the public to ensure the best data and insights are captured.


 HETT proved to be a whirlwind two days with more great speakers, amazing suppliers and innovative solutions to challenging problems than could be imagined. For more information on WiFi SPARK and how our WiFi and Patient Entertainment solutions fit into the future of healthcare, request a call back from our team or read more about us here.


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