Healthcare Partnership Network 2021 Post-event Round Up

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Last week our CCO Dean Moody and Product Manager Steven Killick had the pleasure of attending the Healthcare Partnership Network conference in Leeds. Bringing together the NHS and solution providers face to face for the first time in over a year, the event was an excellent opportunity to understand the current healthcare landscape through those engaging with it every day.  

WiFi SPARK was lucky enough to present at the conference, displaying our take on how digital transformation and the provision of strong connectivity can be the making of revolutionising patient engagement across the NHS. Among a selection of insightful presentations, we were able to discuss our solution whilst learning greatly from others.  

Key Concerns

The key concerns of the event remain covid-centric. With the outside world being able to return to a semblance of normality, the NHS remains fraught with the lasting effects of the virus and the toll it took on staff, systems and hospitals.  

With providers demonstrating how their technologies strive to alleviate the stress, the NHS seems to now be in a position to begin investing in the digital transformation initiatives that will revolutionise the landscape of healthcare in the UK.  

Key amongst the concerns is population management. With hospitals having to restrict visitor numbers and continue to encourage the public to self-assess the severity of their ailments before coming to the hospital, the topic of population management manifests itself in a number of ways.  

Literally, it concerns the efficient running of the hospital and managing visitor numbers. It then spans into looking at ways to achieve that as well as providing patients and visitors with the tools to understand their illnesses and how to soothe said population.  

Technology providers have recognised these pain points prior to the pandemic, but have been able to repackage the solutions to combat the unique challenges that it posed.  

It’s within their presentation, that Dean Moody and Steven Killick were able to showcase how effective population management can be achieved through the utilisation of an effective patient engagement system.  

The Solution

SPARK® Media enables you to accurately understand visitor numbers and their movement about the estate through standard analytical reporting. It also showcases a selection of NHS care links to help patients efficiently manage their symptoms and understand their illnesses to take control of their health outcomes. And to entertain patients while waiting for care, it provides a variety of entertainment options from Freeview TV to radio and digitised newspapers and magazines. All free to the end-user and available on any internet-enabled device via the guest-access WiFi.  

This year’s Healthcare Partnership Network event has enabled us to better understand the market we develop our solution for. If you missed our presentation or would like to revisit our content from across the event, follow the link below to view our dedicated HPN21 webpage.  

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