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Manchester Central Awards WiFi SPARK 2020 Tender for UX and analytics solution

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State of the art conferencing venue to take the digital lead with event engagement and analytics.


Manchester Central is an award-winning venue in the heart of one of Europe's most vibrant cities. Its vaulted arches and station clock have made Manchester Central an iconic city feature for over 130 years. With the capacity to handle intimate corporate functions and large-scale conferences or exhibitions, the historic architecture and state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect venue for some of the world’s leading events.

Manchester Central’s purpose is “To connect people, ideas and business through meaningful experiences” and the provision of WiFi was key to this. Going out to tender in March 2020, Manchester Central was looking for a supplier to continue current services of public WiFi, a bespoke UX page and location analytics.


WiFi SPARK was already in partnership with the venue and recently deployed a new UX for the public WiFi. In this design, Manchester Central has CMS functionality to change content on this registration page. As the existing provider, we filter content and the service is accredited to the Friendly WiFi Scheme.


In recent months, we have been building our next-generation reporting platform specifically for Manchester Central, which is designed to handle extreme volumes of data in real-time. This will allow for uninterrupted visualisation during large turnout events. This platform features trends data, enhanced filtering, comparison dashboards, such as zone vs zone and highest/lowest performance zones, and data integration possibilities, to allow any external non-WiFi SPARK data to be integrated into the platform for a consolidated visualisation.


This new development, coupled with the strong existing relationship and clear thought behind the requirements, led to WiFi SPARK being the successful supplier in the tendering process.


On top of this and as part of the managed service, Manchester Central will continue to receive the 24/7/365 Helpdesk and remote monitoring that is paramount to the ongoing success of the network.


WiFi SPARK was pleased to offer to assist Manchester Central in delivering a WiFi solution to service the newly implemented Nightingale Hospital that is located at the venue. With 16 years’ experience in providing WiFi to the NHS, WiFi SPARK will be able to quickly ensure that the WiFi solution is optimised for the new requirements it has as a hospital.


Advanced Analytics unlocks a whole host of valuable insight into who is using and how your guest WiFi is being used

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