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Meet information requirements for COVID-19 with Track & Trace

Adhering to many new rules is quickly becoming the norm for us during COVID-19. Much to our school teachers’ disbelief, it turns out that we’re quick to adapt, do as we’re told and also come up with improvements to make things better. 


Take for instance, turning face masks into comfortable fashionable items or creating products to allow virtual hospital visits - where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Another example is recording who is in your venue at this time. In case of an outbreak, venues must record who visits, so that they can report back to authorities should they be required. Many businesses are just using pen and paper, which takes time and is inefficient. 


To ensure that our community is safe and informed during COVID-19, we need to be fast-acting and accurate as well as have the data accessible. The good news is that this technology is already available using WiFi and can be set up in no time.


Track & traceData input

The customer is offered free WiFi to sign up for the venue’s COVID-19 Track and Trace Scheme. They fill in their contact details and agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Once the user has provided their contact details an email will be sent to their chosen email address. 


The beauty of this is that the customer can be doing this while waiting in-line to enter your venue. This keeps them busy, gets them engaged with your brand and keeps you COVID compliant.


Data validation

Once they have filled their information into the WiFi registration portal, a validation link is sent to their email address. This link needs to be clicked in order for that user to be granted internet access. This method is a way of ensuring the user fills in the correct contact details. 


This email can be shown at the venue as confirmation that the customer has registered for the Track and Trace scheme. 


Data export

The data is populated in real-time to a dashboard, where the venue can access at any time to download a report to pass to the authorities if required. Alternatively, we are happy to liaise with the relevant authority to organise the receipt of this data.


As well as COVID compliance, you will also be able to use the WiFi data to understand trends and behavioural patterns to enhance your business strategy. You can find out more about WiFi analytics here.


This functionality is available for both new and existing customers. So, save a tree and go digital. 




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Rebecca Duffin

Rebecca Duffin

Rebecca Duffin

Rebecca is a creative, design-led marketer who has worked for WiFi SPARK since 2012. She is the Head of Marketing and has an in-depth understanding of all elements of the business. She is responsible for lead generation, brand engagement and ensuring the company is the 'Go-To Provider' for more than just WiFi.