Must-see presentations at this September's Healthcare Partnership Network Event

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After a testing period for the healthcare sector, industry professionals have the chance to once again collaborate, learn and find new solutions to drive digital transformation across the NHS. This September, the Northern Healthcare Partnership Network event is being held at Leeds’ Oulton Hall on the 21st and 22nd. The Network provides NHS senior leaders with a unique opportunity and a safe space to share experiences and to learn about solutions from some of healthcare’s most innovative suppliers.  

Amongst an incredible roster of presentations, session rooms and discussions, we’ve picked some of the must-see talks from this year’s event.  

With so many fascinating presentations it’s going to be difficult to fit everything in, but don’t worry, all presentations can be streamed on the Healthcare Partnership Network website after the event.  

Combining the digital revolution with compassionate cultures

Alec Price-Forbes, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Coventry and Warwickshire Health & Care Partnership (STP)
Day 1 - 12:55-13:15 - Main room

‘Digital remains the golden thread to enable and sustain such transformational change’ Price-Forbes notes within the introduction to his presentation synopsis, but digital is merely a necessary tool for delivering what Price-Forbes calls ‘values and outcomes-based care’. The focus of the day-one presentation will lie in future-proofing healthcare and to do this there needs to be a redesign of the health and care landscape altogether.  

The pandemic unearthed the weak elements of healthcare in the UK, but it also enabled professionals to theorise how to build back stronger. Within a fascinating presentation from the CCIO of Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care, we can hope to hear how he believes compassionate care is key to not only future-proofing healthcare but changing the way the system works. It’s a must-see presentation for anyone interested in diversifying the delivery of care and effectively using technology as an aid.

Health on the high street: enabling convenient healthcare and town centre regeneration   

Lucy Gardner, Director of Strategy & Partnerships, Warrington & Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  
Day 1 – 12:55-13:15 – Breakout Room 1 Presentation 
High street regeneration is a top priority within the public sector, our high streets have been battered and bruised by the digital age but that doesn’t mean they need to be left behind, instead they should be repurposed to work for our changing needs. Lucy Gardner and her colleagues will be sharing their exciting developments of facilitating necessary, easy access to healthcare with the nuance of high street regeneration within their local Runcorn and Warrington areas.  
Highlighting the partnerships between an acute Trust, two Borough Councils, Commissioners and a full range of health and care providers across the public and charitable sectors to deliver the two high street hubs, Gardner and her team are in an exciting, pioneering position. It will be interesting to see whether the hubs have been a success and whether this is something we will see replicated on high streets closer to home.  


An insight into the digital implementation of the Digital Aspirants programme  

Andy Bissenden, Associate Director of Digital at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and Diarmaid Crean, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust 
Day 1 – 12:55-13:15 – Breakout Room 2 Presentation  
February 2020 saw NHSX name its first recipients of funding for the Digital Aspirant programme. Helping NHS Trusts to raise their digital maturity by supporting organisations to deliver a set of core capabilities that bridge the digitisation gaps across the NHS. The programme originally saw 23 Trusts participate followed by a further four in 2020 and 23 in 2021. The Trusts can receive anywhere from £250,000 to £6m across the duration of the programme to develop their digital strategy and business case.  
Digital transformation is an expensive but necessary process if the NHS is to truly modernise and remain relevant for the coming decades, Bissenden and Crean’s evaluation of the implementation of funding thus far will provide insight for NHS Trusts and solution provides alike. Critically evaluating the process will streamline future rollouts and ensure that digital transformation is not just a buzzword but becomes ingrained in the foundations of the NHS.  


Moving beyond collaboration to achieve awesome  

James Davis, Director of Innovation at Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and Shankar Sridharan, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust  
Day 1 – 17:35-17:55 – Closing Keynote  
What better way to close off day one of the event than with an open discussion on teamwork? Royal Free and Great Ormond Street have come together for a twelve-month science experiment to see how to work as one large team. Davis and Sridharan will explore an enhanced way of working that goes above partnership or collaboration to harness data, analytics and tech to provide smarter, kinder and better care.  
An overarching theme across day one is utilising technology to revamp and provide compassionate care but none of that is possible without effective teamwork. Omitting they have a lot to learn and that they are keen to share, we could all stand to learn a thing or two about how to make the most of our team-working as we pass our year anniversary of working from home.  


Equality, diversity and inclusion and health inequalities in health and social care   

Sir James Mackey, Chief Executive Officer at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Alec Price-Forbes, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Coventry, and Warwickshire Health & Care Partnership (STP), Ifti Majid, Chief Executive Officer at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Heather Caudle, Chief Nursing Officer at Surrey & Borders NHS Foundation Trust 
Day 2 – 12:05-12:45 – Panel Discussion
The pandemic has exasperated gross health inequalities in the population, whether highlighting the increased risk faced by people of colour or the disparity felt during lockdowns between the wealthy and the poor, the pandemic may have affected everyone, but we certainly were not all in the same boat. During this panel discussion, the four advocates for equal health opportunities will explore the chasm created by the pandemic and how the NHS can level the playing field for candidates beginning their journey in healthcare.  
Equality, diversity, and inclusion are buzzwords that have relevance in each and every workplace. It will be fascinating to hear the thoughts of these four NHS leaders and the policies they have implemented within their own Trusts. It is through discussions such as these that we will be able to reinforce the compassionate care discussed by Alec Price-Forbes in his earlier presentation. 


Reduce patient isolation and bolster emotional wellbeing - Empower, engage and entertain your patients at no cost to them   

Dean Moody, Chief Commercial Officer at WiFi SPARK and Steven Killick, Product Manager at WiFi SPARK 
Day 1 – 12:30-12:50 – Breakout Room 1 
Digital transformation is necessary but it doesn’t have to be difficult, solution providers such as the team from WiFi SPARK have developed an end-to-end solution that integrates with existing systems and technology to provide a seamless upgrade. Within their day one slot, Moody and Killick will explore how patient engagement platforms have come on leaps and bounds and how investment in a rejuvenated solution will directly enhance the wellbeing of patients.  
Previously costing patients each day to watch television, WiFi SPARK’s platform is free to the end-user and includes radio, TV, games and a virtual newsstand. It also provides Trusts with the opportunity to share charity information, surveys and integrate digital meal ordering as well as promote NHS apps and Dementia support services. Providing compassionate care reaches into the recuperative materials we provide patients access to, this presentation is a must-see for anyone wanting to enhance their patient experience offering by prioritising patient wellbeing through digital transformation. 
Pioneers of the SPARK® Solution, WiFi SPARK offers a range of packages to fit a variety of goals and budgets, visit their website here to learn more.  



Digital transformation, compassionate care and advocating equal health opportunities will be the focus’ of this September’s event. With delegates already packing their bags and itching to engage in discussions and networking, it is set to be an innovative welcome back for the sector’s leaders.  

You can register for your free pass by following the link below, we hope to see you there.    


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