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New Partnership Announcement – Airwave & WiFi SPARK

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WiFi SPARK kicked off 2021 with a selection of exciting new partnerships and the latest onboarding is no exception. West Sussex-based Airwave Healthcare is the healthcare branch of Airwave Europe’s innovative tech offering; a future working in tandem with WiFi SPARK’s advanced SPARK® Platform will see the two now reach further, delivering their solutions to more patients across the UK.   


WiFi SPARK’s Head of Marketing, Rebecca Duffin, noted that “Airwave’s expertise in media equipment and healthcare environments was a perfect fit with our SPARK® Media product. The new partnership enables us to bring free entertainment and patient engagement to those who need it most. Working collectively to connect people through WiFi, we hope that together, WiFi SPARK and Airwave will empower patients and improve their wellbeing”.   


With WiFi SPARK providing its entertainment solution to over 80 NHS Trusts up and down the country, Airwave can expand this reach as well as further enrich the experiences of patients, visitors and staff in those 80 NHS Trusts.   


About Airwave Healthcare

Having played an active role in the healthcare market for over 20 years, Airwave place advancing technology, delivering great entertainment all within the provision of efficiency applications front and centre in its healthcare business initiative.   


Much like its new partners WiFi SPARK, Airwave believe that implementing health tech innovation that makes the lives of patients and health professionals easier, shouldn’t be complicated.   


Converging technologies now enable customers to enhance their communication, entertainment and clinical tools. With a wealth of industry experience under their belts, Airwave works closely with its customers to find their fit and to ensure that the technology provided in healthcare mirrors the standards patients have come to expect outside of the NHS.   


Cultivating direct relationships with Samsung, LG and Phillips, Airwave can remain at the forefront of innovation, this is undoubtedly an exciting new opportunity for WiFi SPARK to gain insight into these connections and see how they may enrich the SPARK® Platform to continue providing excellence to patients across the NHS.   


Commenting on the partnership, Head of Healthcare Sales at Airwave, Jes Redgard, noted “We’re hugely excited to partner with WiFi SPARK, offering our expertise in the delivery of patient entertainment systems in conjunction with SPARK® Media’s world-class media platform. This is a humbling time for us as we further aid the industry’s move away from expensive pay-to-watch TV systems and offer TV and media content to every patient, not just those who can afford to pay for it.”  


Together, Airwave Healthcare and WiFi SPARK will focus on the implementation of WiFi SPARK’s SPARK® Media platform to properties within the healthcare sector, consisting of private and NHS hospitals, care homes and secure accommodation.   


SPARK® Media can generate revenue and save hundreds of thousands for organisations all within a complete managed service solution. If you would like to find out more about becoming a WiFi SPARK partner to elevate your business offering, click the banner below. 


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