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Innovate Customer Experiences in 2020

Retail Innovation Guide

Consumers have more power than ever before, so it's time for high street stores to shift their
mentality and embrace change. Discover the latest innovations retailers are utilising to entice customers through their doors.

SPARK® Media vs Healthcare Legacy Systems

SPARK® Media vs Healthcare Legacy Systems
Our comparison guide highlights the difference between WiFi SPARK's SPARK® Media platform and healthcare legacy systems to show you how both impact patients and staff members. 

SPARK® Healthcare Pack


75% of patients expect digital services in healthcare. Download the SPARK® Healthcare Pack and discover how WiFi SPARK’s revolutionary platform can transform your Trust.

Spark® Media: Print

Provide your customers and visitors with free access to digital print content. This can be a great benefit to venues that have waiting areas or want to increase dwell time.

Conference WiFi: The Right way

Conference WiFi

Having WiFi isn’t enough, it needs to be quick and free as well as enhancing the visitor experience. Discover how to get the most from conference WiFi.

SPARK® Media


SPARK® Media is an innovative, future-ready platform that will completely revolutionise the patient entertainment market.

From platform to platform


Keep your passengers connected and supercharge your business intelligence. Exceptional WiFi has arrived.

From One Purchase To Repeat Business

Learn how you can utilise WiFi to improve loyalty, engagement and more by downloading our guide to Boosting Customer Engagement through WiFi.

The Smart Stadium Future

Discover why forward-thinking stadium operators need to look at leading-edge WiFi solutions to engage supporters, provide a personalised experience and enhance Business Intelligence (BI).


exceptional wifi
See how you can deliver a premium passenger service with the power of WiFi. Exceed passenger expectations and gain rich data to provide more personalised experiences.
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