Providing more than just WiFi, WiFi SPARK is the NHS’s most respected provider and allows staff, patients and visitors to stay connected, and Trusts to learn useful insights.


The SPARK® platform offers secure, high speed hospital WiFi to staff, patients and visitors so they are always able to stay connected.

  • Patient, visitor and staff WiFi
  • Freeview TV and movies
  • Exceptional support 24/7
  • NHS Digital compliance

Mission accomplished.


Offer an optimised digital experience for patients

When visitors connect, they will be directed to a branded user experience, designed specifically for that NHS Trust. From checking appointment times to ordering meals, the SPARK® platform allows patients access to everything they need to make their journey through the hospital simple. The information available on the portal is unique to that hospital Trust and only accessible when users are on site, which allows visitors to make best use of the facilities available.

WiFi SPARK is proud of our team’s expert knowledge of patient WiFi. When you choose our solution, you can be assured that your WiFi performs at an optimum level for you, your staff, patients and visitors.


Ultimate User Engagement

Fully branded virtual hospital services with multilingual support.

User on boarding choices

Multiple authentication methods and tiered bandwidth options.

Compliant and Filtered

Fully compliant to legal requirements, filtered with IWF compliant filtering categories and ‘Friendly WiFi Scheme’ approved.

Fully Managed Service

24/7 helpdesk support and monitoring for end users by WiFi SPARK engineers.

Services Integration

Integrate into hospitals’ existing services/software and facilities such as patient meal ordering, way finding, and appointment check in.

Entertainment Package

Freeview TV, audio books, films streamed across the WiFi network direct to patients’ devices.


WiFi networks for the Public and Staff remain separated.

Return on Investment

Improved patient flow and superior patient journey. Reduced requirment for investment in free standing terminals and interactive wall boards.


Data is secure and anonymized, remains property of the Trust; WiFi SPARK will never sell your user data.


The future of patient entertainment; providing entertainment and engagement services directly to the patient’s device of choice. Using terrestrial or satellite feeds, WiFi SPARK can provide TV & Radio content to a user’s own device. All on the local network, saving valuable internet bandwidth requirements.

Media Lite

Freeview TV & Radio

Media Standard

Freeview TV & Radio Video on Demand

Media Medic

Freeview TV & Radio
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WiFi SPARK has proven to be very flexible, supportive and responsive. The WiFi SPARK team accepted our challenge for less than a two week turnaround. By working together in partnership with the Trust IT team the challenge was delivered very successfully on time and within budget.

Darren Atkins, Associate Director of ICT, Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

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They are WiFi specialists with almost 15 years of experience delivering managed WiFi services

Micheál Campbell, Project Delivery Lead, NHS Camden Clinical Commissioning Group

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The fully managed solution that WiFi SPARK has provided is second to none

Matt Palmer, ICT Support Manager, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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