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SPARK® Media: Entertain delivers entertainment directly to the user’s own device.

This ultimate media package provides access to TV channels, newspapers and magazines, video on demand movies, TV box sets and E-books. We provide a huge library of content, stored direct onsite, saving valuable internet bandwidth required for internet movies streaming.

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  • TV, Radio, News, Magazines, Movies and more
  • Provide comfort and distraction
  • Content on users own devices
  • Great for high dwell time venues


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SPARK® Media: Entertain has access to 9,562 worldwide digital print titles and can offer a selection to suit your requirements if you desire something outside of our bronze, silver and gold print options.

SPARK® Media: Entertain also provides channels 1-5 free of charge and all channels are free in children’s wards. We can provide access to any channel in the world via satellite services and provide access to SKY TV channels, such as SKY Sports, SKY Movies, SKY Atlantic or National Geographic Channel, plus many more.

Entertain Download