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How to connect?

  1. Go to your WiFi settings
  2. Click on our network name
  3. Open your browser (if not automatically redirected)
  4. Fill in the required details

That's it!

Where do I log in?

You need to be at the site that you are trying to connect to. You cannot login through this website.

To connect when you are on site, you need to:

  1. Go to your WiFi settings
  2. Select the network name
  3. Open your internet browser (if you're not automatically redirected)
  4. Enter the required details and connect

That's it!

Logging a ticket

To log a ticket you first need to register for an account.  You can log tickets and receive updates through this portal:

How many devices can I use at the same time?

You can use your account on any device with a web browser, however our system is designed to allow one device to be connected with one user account at a time.

For example: You can log in with your phone with your account but cannot use your tablet at the same time.

Some sites offer a discount for multiple devices. If this is applicable, it will be an option when you choose to buy time.

I've forgotten my login details

Forgotten password?

If you have forgotten your password you can click the 'Forgotten Password' link underneath the login fields when clicking on 'Subscriber Login' or 'Existing User Login' on the login portal. SPARK will then email you a reset link.

If the WiFi is the only way you can access your email to receive the reset link, then please call our helpdesk on 0344 848 9555 where they will be able to resolve your issue over the phone.

Forgotten Username?

If you have forgotten your username you can either call 0344 848 9555 and choose option 2 or raise a support ticket.

Why are some sites blocked?

WiFi SPARK blocks certain categories such as P2P file sharing. Block categories are consulted with the venue prior to the service installation. If you feel that a site is incorrectly blocked, please let us know so that we can investigate.

Help, I have a question and I need an answer

The WiFi SPARK Support Portal is designed to provide a complete self-service support option.

You can search our FAQs for a solution, or ask community members directly. If you can't find an answer, you can submit a request to an agent, by logging a ticket:

Will my device work with your system?

WiFi SPARK supports any device that has a Web Browser. You need to sign in to the service to be able to access the Internet and this sign in process is achieved through the User Experience Portal.

Devices such as; Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets are absolutely fine to use with our service. We do not offer support for such devices as Xbox or smart TV's.

Can I log in and out to save my purchased time?

Purchased time is elapsed. You cannot 'bank' or 'save' your time for future use.

E.g: If you purchase 3 hours of Internet access at 12pm it will expire at 3pm regardless of how long you were actually online for.

How do I know how much time I have left?

When you log in with your user account, you should see a timer window appear briefly telling you how much time is remaining on that account. A member of WiFi SPARK can also tell you how much time is remaining as long as you supply your username.

If your timer window does not appear, you probably have a pop up blocker like a Yahoo or Google toolbar or Microsoft Internet Explorer SP2. However, since SPARK is a secure portal site, and we don’t bombard you with pop ups, it’s safe to set your browser to receive all pop ups from the SPARK site.

Can I stream TV or video?

Our service is primarily designed for Internet browsing and email. If you wish to watch videos it is recommended that you download as opposed to stream.

Locations such as hospitals may have separate services for streaming TV and video, so it may be worth checking with the hospital staff.

Are my card details secure when I pay online?

Yes. When you enter your credit card details, you’re connected by an encrypted and secure payment gateway, direct to the credit card payment processing company. Your credit card details are not stored.

Are there any data usage limits?

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions, our Fair Usage Policy is up to 20GB per month.

Terms and Conditions can be found on the User Experience Portal underneath the login options.

Can I try before I buy?

Some locations offer a free trial of use. If this is the case, it will be displayed on the User Experience Portal near the login buttons.

Alternatively there should be some free links that you can try from the Welcome portal including our website

I am receiving slow speeds

If the access speed is slow, you are probably in a poor signal strength area. Try moving closer to the access point. Check your radio utility which is usually found on the right hand side of the task bar. It will have some method of detecting signal strength which will allow you to move around until you are in a good signal strength area. The more signal bars you have - the better!

What is WiFi?

WiFi is short for Wireless Fidelity, a means by which devices can access internet or other network based services without the need for a network or modem cable.

Terms of Services

Terms and Conditions of use

Privacy Policy

View the full Privacy Policy here.

Purchasing WiFi and Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service received, please either call us on 0344 848 9555 or email to give us the opportunity to resolve this for you. If we are still unable to supply the service we will provide you with a refund less the amount which is proportionate to the service provided up to the point you notified us of your dissatisfaction. To log your request for a refund you need to email ensuring you include the name of the location where you purchased your subscription, the date on which you made the purchase, your username, and detail why you are requesting the refund. If you have spoken to our support team please ensure you include the ticket reference you were issued with as this will enable us to deal with your request more quickly. Refunds cannot be provided where the service use is restricted. Any such restrictions will be detailed on the login portal page or in our terms and conditions.